Car Spa Lava Polish, a great experience!

Auto Spa Pratteln: A new car wash experience since July 2023

Auto Spa Pratteln. Since July 2023, car owners in Pratteln have been able to experience a completely new kind of car wash. The Auto-Spa Pratteln has opened its doors and offers an innovative and spacious car wash facility that redefines the term "car wash". I had the pleasure of testing this facility and would like to share my impressions with you.

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Spacious and clear Aut-Spa Pratteln

As soon as I entered the Auto-Spa Pratteln, I was struck by the spacious and clearly arranged entrance. I almost felt like I was in a first-class restaurant with drive-in service. The friendly staff welcomed me warmly. You can pay in cash, by card or with the specially developed wash card. As soon as you've paid, off you go!

The washing process and lava polish

The actual washing process began with a hand wash by the friendly staff, which was not only very effective, but also gentle on the windshield. After that, my car was pushed onto the conveyor belt and the real adventure began. So far, so good.

After the high-pressure wash by hand (performed by the friendly staff), there is also a high-pressure wash in the car wash.

The car wash at Auto-Spa Pratteln is a fascinating experience. Huge rotating and swiveling "brushes" and a thorough high-pressure wash effortlessly removed dirt and debris from my car. The optional Lava Polish, where a wall of foam descends on the vehicle, gave my car a wonderful shine. The whole experience was almost like driving through a modern art museum. Yes, that's a bit of an exaggeration, of course 😅 . In other words: I never felt constricted.

Lava Polish - a great experience!

The countdown at the Auto Spa Pratteln

There was a fun surprise waiting for me at the end of the car wash - a countdown from 8 to 0 - a small detail that added an extra charm to the experience. After the car wash, I was able to stay in the same hall, but separate from the car wash. There was ample parking here for the interior cleaning. Dry towels

Vacuum cleaner free of charge

For those who like to do it themselves, there are free vacuum cleaners and plenty of dry cloths for the perfect finish. At Auto-Spa Pratteln, they really do think of everything to ensure customer satisfaction. Another thing worth mentioning is that you can get your turn very quickly here.

Many possibilities and options

Another special feature of the Auto-Spa Pratteln is the possibility to arrange a complete cleaning. Not only is the exterior washed, but the interior is also cleaned, the seats are cared for, and everything is brought to a high shine. This is undoubtedly an excellent offer that I will certainly take advantage of once a year. There are even special promotions every now and then.

Conclusion Auto Spa Pratteln

I am impressed with my experience at Auto Spa Pratteln. The spacious driveway, friendly staff, state-of-the-art wash process, and additional interior and exterior cleaning options make this facility a top choice for car owners. I am now an enthusiastic regular customer and look forward to my next visit.

Auto Spa Pratteln, Lava Polish, a great experience!

Car Spa Lava Polish, a great experience!

So if you're looking for a new way to care for and pamper your car, you should definitely try the Auto Spa Pratteln. It offers not only a thorough car wash, but also a great experience.

There are currently 6 car spa car washes available in Switzerland.

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