Amusing and excellently filmed!

The enclosed society - movie review

The film "Die eingeschlossene Gesellschaft" is a fascinating insight into the German education system and the dynamics within a teaching staff. The film by Sönke Wortmann, based on a radio play by Jan Weiler, captures a spectrum of human emotions ranging from deep despair to amusing moments. 4 out of 5 points, well worth seeing!

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The direction and cinematography are outstanding

Director, camera and actors: Complex shots excellently realized! Photo:

Director, camera and actors: complex shots excellently realized! Photo:

"The Enclosed Society" features outstanding direction and cinematography that will undoubtedly impress you. You will never feel that anything is out of place in the set design while watching. The entire action unfolds in a classroom, and everything flows together seamlessly and coherently, as if you yourself, along with the teachers, were trapped in the situation.

The variety of camera angles is particularly remarkable. This variety might make you think about the fact that the scenes were not shot in one go, but that time elapsed between shots. This detail highlights the complexity and skill behind the production.

Special praise is also due to the assistant directors and camera assistants, who deserve a high degree of recognition for their work. Their efforts contribute significantly to the fact that "The Enclosed Society" is such a captivating and well thought-out film. As do the actors!

Intelligent script

Amusing and excellently filmed!

Amusing and excellently filmed!

The movie impresses with its intelligent screenplay. One notices how skillfully the dialogues are constructed to highlight both the complexity and the absurdity of the modern school system. The plot about a desperate father fighting for his son's future is skillfully interwoven with humorous and dramatic elements, creating a balance between seriousness and entertainment.

The acting performances

The acting performances are solid and contribute significantly to the credibility of the characters. Actors such as Anke Engelke and Florian David Fitz fill their roles with nuances that show both their strengths and weaknesses. Their portrayals lend the film a human depth that goes beyond stereotypical characterizations.

Critical questions about education and authority

The movie is amusing and profound at the same time. You can tell that he uses the comedy not only to entertain, but also to ask critical questions about education, authority and the challenges of modern pedagogy. This mixture makes "Die eingeschlossene Gesellschaft" a film that is both thought-provoking and entertaining.

While some critics complain that the film is somewhat clichéd in its portrayal of the teaching profession, it is precisely this aspect that contributes to the drama and humorous moments. It is this balance between seriousness and comedy that makes the movie worth seeing.

"Die eingeschlossene Gesellschaft" is a movie that entertains and makes you think. With its intelligent storytelling, humor and solid acting performances, I liked it very much and it is definitely worth a visit to the cinema.

Sönke Wortmann

Jan Weiler

Florian David Fitz, Anke Engelke, Justus von Donáhnyi, Nilam Farooq, Thomas Loibl, Torben Kessler, Thorsten Merten

Photos: © 2022 BantryBay Productions GmbH/German Columbia Pictures Filmproduktion GmbH/Degeto Film GmbH

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