Havana and its historic cigar manufactories

Havana, Cuba. This film takes the viewer on a time travel through Havana's cigar tradition. Despite a team of only two people, it impresses with captivating images. By the way, usually in such productions there are at least four people on location and two in post-production. The small team succeeded in making an exciting documentary with impressive images. The film can even be seen with English subtitles.

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A fascinating film documentary

"In the Heart of Havana: Historic Habanos Manufactories" is undoubtedly a film that will make the hearts of cigar lovers and culture enthusiasts beat faster. The film takes the viewer on a fascinating journey through the historic Habanos manufactories in Cuba's capital, Havana. In short, it conveys a deep understanding of the soul and importance of Cuba as the center of cigar making.

Right from the start, you can feel the anticipation and enthusiasm of the viewers at the live premiere on YouTube, which took place on 25.07.23. And indeed, the comments in the live chat reflect the enthusiasm and make it clear that this film promises a special experience. Consequently, the film succeeds in captivating viewers with a successful mix of informative insights and entertaining presentation.

Stories of joy, passion and losses

The journey to the historical sites is led by journalist and history expert Claudia Puszkar. The historic tobacco factories tell fascinating stories of joy, passion, but also of difficult times and losses. The location at the former logistics center for tobacco transport and Havana's development into a cigar center are impressively portrayed. Because this is where Havana's landmark stands today: the Capitolio.

The decision to focus on the historic center of Havana pays off. This is because it allows the viewer to experience first-hand the rich history and importance of this area to the Habanos industry. The factory buildings on display, once the beating heart of cigar production, offer a unique glimpse into Cuba's past.

The atmosphere captured in the film is unique

The filmmakers have succeeded in capturing the atmosphere and mood of the historic manufactories. The viewer is given an authentic experience with colorful images.

Particularly noteworthy is the successful combination of Claudia Puszkar as an expert guide and Vasilij Ratej, who captivates the audience with his charming humor and enthusiasm. The two form a perfect team that takes the audience on an emotional and educational journey.


The historical facts and curiosities presented in this film are invaluable and offer even experienced cigar lovers new insights. The love of cigars and of Cuba as the cultural center of cigar production is celebrated in all its facets.

"In the Heart of Havana: Historical Habanos Manufactories" is a unique and unforgettable film that captures the soul of Cuba and gives the viewer a real pleasure. Cigar smoker or not, this film is an absolute must-see for anyone interested in the fascinating world of Habanos and the rich culture of Cuba. A masterpiece that should not be missed - all the more so because this film was not produced by a large film crew, but by Vasilij Ratej and Claudia Puszkar alone!

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