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Experience cinema 2.0: Apple Vision Pro brings huge 3D screens into your living room

COMMENTARY: Apple has shown it again. I'm torn about the groundbreaking technology of Apple's first spatial computer. On the one hand, I find it absolutely fascinating and exciting. On the other hand, I wonder if our species really needs something like this and how our brains will react to hours of working in this virtual environment. But I am fascinated by one thing: I will live to see this vision of the future - at least part of it. For a comprehensive presentation on Apple Vision Pro, see Resources on the topic below.

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Apple advances our species

I am convinced of the advanced possibilities offered by such virtual environments. The idea of watching a movie on a huge, 30-meter screen is simply incredible. And when the backgrounds are appropriately designed, it creates an immersive experience. I'm thrilled to hear that films are already being planned in collaboration with Disney. Imagine speeding across a lava planet in a Star Wars spaceship and lava flowing around the virtual screen as well - and all in 3D! It's just insanely cool.

However, questions also arise: What would it be like to experience the same movie together with my wife and friends? Or wouldn't it be great if spouses who are physically far away (e.g., on business trips) could watch the same movie and even talk to each other? The possibilities seem limitless.

I also imagine shopping to be cool. I would love to get comprehensive advice about a product. I look at it, the AI-supported salesman answers my questions... But the Haitian experience falls by the wayside. I am a cigar connoisseur and the scent in such a shopping experience falls by the wayside. Or maybe someday it won't?

With visionOS, apps can fill the space around the user. They can be moved anywhere and scaled to the perfect size. They even react to light and cast shadows.

Users can turn any room into their own personal cinema, with a screen that feels like it's 30 meters wide. (Viewers can stream Foundation on Apple TV+ with a subscription).

Presentations reinvented: With Apple Vision Pro

The presentation of services and products will also undergo a revolution. You could look at your own living room, hide all the furniture and virtually add new pieces of furniture in 3D. I think that's also just insanely cool!

Apple Vision Pro opens doors to a new era of technology. Although I still have reservations, at the same time I am excited about the revolutionary possibilities that await us. The future promises a blend of the virtual and the real that is beyond our imagination.

Apple Vision Pro: The first spatial computer from Apple

visionOS gives developers a whole new platform for creating immersive app experiences. And with the App Store on Apple Vision Pro, it's easy for users to discover new apps or access hundreds of thousands of popular iPhone and iPad apps - all at a larger-than-life scale.


Despite my ambivalent feelings, I am excited about the revolutionary possibilities that this technology offers us. Time will tell whether Apple's visions will become established in our society and change the way we live. I am convinced that it will. It is the first step. I wish that this technology could be used as normal glasses. Or implant the technology directly into the brain. I'm dreading that right now, but that will probably (surely) happen someday?

Resources on the topic

Extensive presentation about Apple Vision Pro at Crazycat

You can find more information about Vision Pro here (English)

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  1. You show that you are taking a critical look at the subject and are not just blindly enthusiastic. Mentioning the fascinating possibilities that such virtual environments offer gives me a sense of exemplary application scenarios, such as talking to business partners or customers in this virtual spatial environment while seeing my physical space in front of me. To use your words, "I think it's insanely cool, too."

    The questions raised in the text show that you are thinking about the possible impact of this technology on social interaction and interpersonal relationships. Personally, I am convinced that this technology will change our leisure time and our work.

  2. Thank you for the interesting article about Apple Vision Pro! I must say, I am absolutely fascinated by the possibilities that this technology offers. The idea of being immersed in an immersive virtual environment and experiencing movies on a giant screen just sounds incredible. This is truly a groundbreaking innovation that could or will revolutionize the entertainment industry.

    But I also have some questions and concerns, similar to Vasilij. Is it healthy to spend so much time in an artificial reality? And how does it affect our social interactions and interpersonal relationships? I think it's important to keep these questions in mind and not forget the potential impact on our society and daily lives.

    Nevertheless, I am excited about the revolutionary possibilities that Vision Pro offers. The idea of completely redesigning presentations is simply exciting. I'm excited to see how this technology evolves and what new applications and experiences it will enable.

    It is up to us to use this technology responsibly and ensure that it enriches our lives rather than dominating them. I look forward to further developments in this area and am excited to see what Apple will enable us to do with this technology in our society.

    Thanks again for this exciting post!

  3. OMG guys, already WWDC23 blew me away! To be honest, I'm totally excited about this technology. I mean, who doesn't want to fly over a lava planet in a Star Wars spaceship and feel like they're really in the middle of it? This is awesome!

    But I'm also asking myself similar questions to the writers before me: How will this change our everyday lives? Will we all just lose ourselves in this virtual world and completely forget about the real world? And what will become of our social interactions? Can you really have real friends in a virtual world? Questions upon questions, folks!