Enemies of the State - Murder at the Highest Level: The Search for Suspense Movie on Netflix

"Enemies of the State - Murder at the Highest Level" is undoubtedly a visual experience as a French thriller with German subtitles. The cinematography and the first-class camera work are clearly the strengths of this work. The viewer is taken into a world where political machinations and deadly intrigue play the leading role. But the ball remains flat.

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Acting performance

The acting performances are mostly solid and the actors bring their characters believably to the screen. I would also like to comment on the film music. It reminded me in large parts of the legendary Ennio Morricone and his famous soundtrack to "The Professional" (with Jean Paul Belmondo).

Music is ... "huh - what's that!?"

The music is reminiscent of "The Professional," but it doesn't come close to Ennio Morricone. Of course, I don't know if the composer wanted to tie in with Morricone's film music. But those who know Morricone's music to "The Professional" know what I mean. I found it rather embarrassing.

The story is the weakness

The film's biggest weakness, however, is its story. Although it has many winding paths and possible twists, it unfortunately often remains predictable. This may be disappointing for lovers of complex, multi-layered films shrouded in mystery. The suspense falls by the wayside.

Personal preferences always play a role when judging films. Obviously, this film did not have the desired effect on me personally. The ball remained rather flat and tension did not arise.

Conclusion and points

Overall, "Enemies of the State - Murder at the Highest Level" is a visually well-made film with solid acting performances. Unfortunately, the predictable story prevents the film from unfolding its full potential and keeping the viewer interested. For fans of political thrillers the film may be entertaining, for lovers of deep and mysterious stories it may not be quite the right thing.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5 points.

Enemies of the State - Murder at the Highest Level

Solid acting performances, cinematographically very well realized. The story remains flat and the music is ...I can't think of the word for it....

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